CSDP and Sorvive Technologies Announce Partnership

Software and service providers partner to help companies unite internal and external data, processes and technology

Irvine, Calif.—June 27, 2012—Customer Service Delivery Platform (CSDP), a provider of Service Relationship Management (SRM) software, partnered with Sorvive Technologies, a hosted service provider of business process integration solutions, to deliver a cloud-based middleware solution that unites internal and external data, processes and technology.

“One of the things that make Sorvive’s technology unique is the efficient manner in which the solution fully integrates all manual and automated processes with any technology that already exists in an organization,” said Jerry Edinger, President and Chief Executive Officer, CSDP. “The solution is not just theory. Sorvive has implemented it in large, Fortune 500 companies.”

This cloud-based middleware solution provides the road map for defining business rules and seamlessly connecting the needed software and technology to join customers, partners and vendors for information exchange, transaction management and execution of associated business processes.

“Partnering with CSDP allows us to jointly offer a solution that brings together infinite critical data sources and processes along with existing and new technology including CSDP’s proven service lifecycle management software and Sorvive’s supply chain and financial solutions,” said Larry Galaviz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sorvive Technologies. “We can solve the problem that many organizations face with data, systems, and processes that can’t talk to each other.”