M.E. Dey Implements CargoWise Software

M.E. Dey customs broker and freight forwarder utilizes CargoWise ediEnterprise software platform to enable innovation and growth

Chicago—May 30, 2012—CargoWise, a global provider of technology solutions for logistics service providers (LSPs), now provides Milwaukee, Wis.-based freight forwarder and customs broker M.E. Dey & Co. with its ediEnterprise logistics software solution.

“CargoWise provided us with a platform that will enhance and streamline our own internal processes, allowing us to provide enhanced services and information too our clients,” said Rob Gardenier, Chief Executive, M.E. Dey. “We see ediEnterprise as a software solution that has the capacity to handle our growth as a company and give us a single technology platform.”

Gene Gander, Vice President Business Development Americas for CargoWise welcomed M.E. Dey’s adoption of ediEnterprise.

“M.E. Dey has over a century of tradition and innovation—during their exceptional 105-year history they have seen the industry evolve and have led this change to progress and grow where others have fallen by the wayside,” said Gander. “They know what it takes to lead the industry today and for the future. We are pleased that M.E. Dey has selected ediEnterprise as the technology platform of choice to support their business and growth strategies.”

After-sales support as well as the merits of the ediEnterprise system made a positive impact on M.E. Dey’s implementation experience.

“As a new customer to CargoWise, we are in a steep learning curve but the system is fairly intuitive,” Gardenier continued. “CargoWise’s support is very professional and responsive to our questions. We continue to learn all the great features of the program and look forward to introducing more of these features in continuing the M.E. Dey success story.”