Welcome to the New Age of Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Supply & Demand Chain Executive is turning over a new leaf, bringing readers and advertisers great content in a fun, engaging, informative and more user-friendly way.

J Mel

It’s the first day of fall. In some parts of the United States, the leaves are already starting to turn. Jackets are coming out of hibernation. And, football is in session.

But, those aren’t the only changes happening.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive is turning over a new leaf in its own right, evolving with the times to bring readers and advertisers great content in a fun, engaging, informative and more user-friendly way.

For starters, welcome to our newly redesigned e-newsletter, complete with images, polls and quality articles and columns.

While those in the supply chain are starting to venture out more, attending shows, conferences and clients’ offices, get your news on the road by subscribing to our L.I.N.K. podcast channel. It covers everything from micro-fulfillment, air freight and food/pharma safety to workplace safety, machine learning and more.

While there, subscribe to L.I.N.K. Educate, our professional development podcast that includes interviews with supply chain students, young professionals, veterans and professors who detail training, recruitment, retention and the evolution of supply chain education.  

Supply & Demand Chain Executive also just opened up registration for SCN Summit: Future of Supply Chains, which will cover everything from procurement and warehousing to smart manufacturing, risk management and supply chain visibility. Be sure to register right now, for one, two or all sessions! Go to https://www.scnsummit.com/ to learn more.

And, our awards, holy cow, our awards! Nominations for Green Supply Chain close Oct. 3, but be on the lookout for our 2022 Pros to Know award, which opens Oct. 25.

While cruising through our site, check out our premium content, which covers last-mile, warehouse automation, supply chain visibility and more.

And, check out SupplyChainLearningCenter.com, your hub for supply chain continuing education.

While some states still honor the time zone change and may be falling back, here at Supply & Demand Chain Executive, we are only going forward.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about anything and everything we’re doing, so you too can be a part of our fun, engaging, information and productive ride!

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