Software Suite Revolutionizes Visibility into Physical Supply Chain

Incorporating technology from four U.S. patents, the Surgere Interius software suite empowers a company’s entire supply chain providing real-time reporting.

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Surgere launched its new Interius software suite, designed to provide accurate visibility in the supply chain. 

Interius has been decades in the making born out of our ongoing work with OEMs and suppliers in over 1,600 North American locations and 31 countries and will provide enormous benefits to companies and manufacturers that provide parts or products that require tracking,” says William Wappler, Surgere founder and CEO.  “We're fortunate that technology has finally caught up with our innovation and ideas around supply chain solutions. With Interius, we can solve problems instantly with technology that used to be labor and paperwork intensive. Supply chains are global and the solutions to manage them need to be too.” 

From Surgere: 

  • Incorporating technology from four U.S. patents, the Surgere Interius software suite empowers a company’s entire supply chain providing real-time reporting. Interius is comprised of specific modules that deliver supply chain visibility from yard and waste management, transportation visibility and tool crib tracking to inventory management and container tracking.  

“Supply chain issues are no longer local. They are global, extending across companies and industries,” Wappler says. “Over the past few decades, lean supply chains and inventories, cost cutting and industry consolidation have collided with the growing need for sustainability, geopolitical policy and regulations, shifting supplier relationships, market competitiveness, focus on client experience, and most recently, the pandemic. It is more important than ever to have the highest level of data accuracy and visibility in the supply chain which Interius can provide.”