Agility or Strength? Elementum Asks, ‘Why Choose?’

Issue Management allows users to follow what’s important to them—whether supplier, shipment or other supply chain element

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Mountain View, CANov. 3, 2015Elementum, the company behind the Product Graph, announced the newest feature in its effort to speed up the global supply chain—Issue Management—a cross-functional tool to break down silos and build company-wide visibility. The latest offering brings the agility of startups to global corporations that often find themselves burdened by their size and scale.

For a global industry that moves the $25 trillion product economy, supply chains are surprisingly isolated from ... everything. When potential problems arise, the professionals on the front lines of solving them are faced with poor information and disjointed communications—scattered across emails, phone calls and a multitude of conflicting documents. No transparency. No collective knowledge. No peace of mind.

With Elementum’s Issue Management capability, relevant, real-time information flows to those closest to the problem, unlocking the collective capabilities of the entire organization. This speeds mitigation and improves visibility, saving time and money.

“The only thing worse than having issues is not knowing you have them. Issue Management unlocks the free flow of information, so teams can self-assemble and collaborate to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities,” according to Nader Mikhail, founder and CEO, Elementum.

Break Down to Build Up

Issue Management combats traditional organizational hierarchies by breaking down the outdated notion of need to know. Because no one can predict who needs to know what information ahead of time, Issue Management allows users to follow what’s important to them—whether that’s a product, supplier, shipment or other supply chain element. That way, when issues arise, the response team can quickly self-organize to align resources with expertise and drive issues to resolution, while executives oversee status and financial impact in order to prioritize action across issues.

This transparency results in a system that eliminates the usual lag between incident and action, giving you a first-mover advantage in securing alternate supply or transportation resources before prices skyrocket.

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