Nvoicepay Launches Value-Added Service for Frictionless Business Payments

The Payment Command Center maximizes customer efficiency backed by payment delivery guarantees

Beaverton, OR and San Francisco, CAJune 16, 2015Nvoicepay, a provider of strategic payment solutions for the enterprise, announced the launch of its Payment Command Center, a complete package of services designed to complement Nvoicepay’s cloud-based payment solution. The Nvoicepay cloud-based solution is used by thousands of enterprise accounts payable (AP) departments to streamline their invoice payment process and pay 100 percent of their invoices electronically. Nvoicepay Payment Command Center is a value-added service portfolio comprised of three integrated services and comes with the guarantee that payments are delivered as instructed. Payment Command Center is provided at no cost to Nvoicepay customers.

“Nvoicepay Payment Command Center represents an unprecedented tier of service in the business-to-business (B2B) payments industry. We not only assume responsibility to collect and maintain supplier payment information, but we guarantee supplier payments will be delivered according to the customer’s instructions,” said Kim Kelley, vice president of operations for Nvoicepay. “We designed the Payment Command Center to ensure customers can pay 100 percent of their invoices electronically with minimal effort—in other words, frictionless payments for the enterprise.

The Nvoicepay Payment Command Center includes four service offerings that are delivered in concert to streamline supplier payments. These services include:

  • Dynamic Supplier Enablement. Nvoicepay contacts new and existing suppliers continuously to enable them for electronic payment, ensuring AP departments save valuable time, maximize card rebates and are able to pay all of their invoices electronically.
  • Supplier Payment Information. As supplier payment information changes over time (i.e. contacts, emails, addresses, payment methods, bank accounts, etc.), Nvoicepay immediately updates supplier information, ensuring payments are correctly delivered.
  • Supplier Portal. Suppliers can view all payment information, download detailed remittances, view payment status and reconcile payments in real time.
  • Customer and Supplier Payment Support. Nvoicepay provides immediate payment support for both customers and their suppliers. The Payment Command Center team is available to resolve payment questions and issues, unburdening a customer’s accounts payable team from the time-consuming process of answering supplier questions.

Getting started with Nvoicepay is easy, requires no information technology (IT) resources and typically takes only eight hours of a customer’s time.  Nvoicepay enables enterprises to pay 100 percent of their suppliers electronically in 45 days from start to finish.  

According to Barbara Bryant, corporate accounts payable for ATC Freightliner, Nvoicepay’s “team is more than happy to assist and the response time is impressive. I have never been put on hold or had to dial through an extensive list of automated prompts for assistance or wait for any extended period of time for an email response to resolve any questions.” 

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