Ironside Stays Flexible

Buyer Integrator latest development

Pleasanton, CA  June 25  Ironside Technologies, a supplier of sell-side B2B e-commerce solutions for the manufacturing and distribution markets, today announced the availability of Ironside Buyer Integrator, the latest addition to its Order Management Suite.

Designed to allow suppliers to integrate into the enterprise systems of their trading partners, Ironside Buyer Integrator enables the acceptance of files directly from individual purchasing systems, translating them into the required format for the Ironside customers' back-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The Ironside Buyer Integrator connects suppliers to their buyers enterprise to enterprise or by direct connections with exchange infrastructures. This new product improves order efficiencies for businesses looking to create private trading relationships for collaborative commerce.

"Industry observers should expect companies like Ironside, which has gained strong traction in vertical markets, to lead the industry in the creation of sell-side Private Trading Exchange (PTX) environments. The introduction of the Ironside Buyer Integrator further exemplifies the commitment Ironside has to enable clients looking to bridge their legacy systems with today's order management systems," said Louis Columbus, a sell-side e-commerce analyst at AMR Research. AMR Research predicted 2001 will be "the year of the Private Trading Exchange."

"Ironside has a deep commitment to providing sell-side e-commerce offerings that leverage a business' existing enterprise technologies to make them a more efficient organization," said Derek Smyth, chief strategy officer of Ironside Technologies. "Buyer Integrator is an extension of this successful strategy, allowing suppliers to create enterprise-to-enterprise connections to their buyers that utilize existing technologies and the Internet to control costs and increase efficiency."

The Ironside Solution Suites combine order management, marketing, content management, logistics, customer service and finance suites as a selling platform for supplier and vendor management. It enables suppliers to connect to upstream trading partners with direct, real-time integration to all trading partners via browsers, wireless devices, e-marketplaces, e-procurement Systems and now any trading partner's enterprise system.