Kodak Unit Looks to ProActivity

To use software to map processes as basis for standardization, simplification

Newton, MA  February 25, 2002  Eastman Kodak Co.'s Commercial & Government Systems unit (C&GS) will use a business process analysis tool from software company ProActivity to help improve standardization of its business processes for contract change management.

Kodak's C&GS unit, a provider of info-imaging solutions for business and government markets, will utilize ProActivity to help document its business processes for contract change management with the goal of streamlining the processes in order to manage its contract work more cost effectively.

ProActivity says its solution will allow Kodak to more easily discover and map the company's existing contract processes in order to redesign, streamline and standardize the process flow for greater operational efficiency.

The Kodak unit is currently using ProActivity to analyze its cost/schedule change management processes for the purpose of standardizing them as well as integrating them with other C&GS business processes to remove redundancies.

"We evaluated a number of software solutions to help us better understand our enterprise business processes before eventually selecting ProActivity," said Gary Klebes, manager of program excellence for C&GS. "With ProActivity, we expect to more easily create an accurate picture of our business process  what the process flow is, how people interact and what technology is being used  in order to better understand how to work more effectively."

"Today companies are looking for ways to do more with less and to maximize efficiencies in their IT-supported operational infrastructure," said Dave Champagne, CEO for ProActivity. "To do this, companies need a clear understanding of their underlying business processes. Kodak's C&GS unit is an example of how companies are using the ProActivity platform to capture, analyze and optimize their fundamental business processes."