Pumping Up the e-Sourcing Volume

Panasonic selects Procuri's self-service e-sourcing platform

ATLANTA  March 6, 2002  Matsushita Electronic Components Corporation of America (ACOM), which supplies electronic devices to manufacturers under its Panasonic tradename, is turning up the volume on its e-sourcing initiative. The company recently announced a strategic sourcing subscription agreement with Procuri, Inc. for the global use of Procuri's e-sourcing platform.

According to people at Panasonic, Procuri's self-service approach was an appealing draw. "Some of the e-sourcing solutions we evaluated would have required heavy and continuing involvement of consultants," according to Dale Robertson, purchasing manager for Panasonic. "With Procuri's self-service approach, we remain in complete control and there's no need for outsourcing.  We can train our procurement staff to put e-sourcing tools to immediate use. And we've already proven that the savings are real  in our first competitive bidding event during the pilot program, we recouped about twelve times the annual cost of subscribing to Procuri's service."

ACOM is a division of Matsushita Electric Industries Ltd., a major player in the manufacture of consumer electronics. According to ACOM Management, Panasonic procurement professionals in the U.S., Mexico and the U.K. will be trained within a few weeks and then begin extensive use of Procuri's sourcing platform throughout the organization.

"In the first 'at bat,' Panasonic's component division hit a home run with our e-sourcing platform," said Mark F. Morel Sr., Procuri's president and chief executive officer.  "There's no greater vote of confidence for Procuri than seeing a customer move from pilot to global deployment, especially after one event. As the Procuri self-service platform is deployed throughout the ACOM organization, we're confident their batting average will remain very high."