Georgia on Procuri's Mind

Procuri awarded contract as Georgia's sole provider of reverse auction services

ATLANTAJune 18, 2002The B2G bug is spreading. Procuri, Inc., a provider of strategic e-sourcing tools and services, today announced a contract to provide reverse auction services for the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) State Purchasing Office. The contract term is for one year with options for the State to renew on an annual basis for four subsequent years.

DOAS, the state's main purchasing body, provides support services to all agencies of state government in such fields as purchasing, motor pool, space management and risk management services.

The contract calls for Procuri to manage and conduct reverse auctions with suppliers on behalf of the DOAS State Purchasing Office. Under the agreement, Procuri will work with the DOAS State Purchasing Office to identify appropriate opportunities for using the reverse auction process. Procuri's services will be provided at no cost to the state; instead, each winning supplier will pay Procuri a percentage fee based on the value of purchases that are made.

In addition to large corporations, Procuri's customer base consists of federal, state and local government agencies, including the U.S. Navy, the State of Minnesota, and the State of Wisconsin, and educational institutions, such as the University of Pennsylvania.

"Georgia has tasked the Department of Administrative Services with obtaining the highest quality goods and services at the most competitive prices. We're honored that DOAS chose Procuri to help meet that commitment," said Mark F. Morel, Sr., Procuri's president and chief executive officer.