Kimberly-Clark Synchronizing Product Data

Using integration solution to increase accuracy of item information in retailers' systems, improve order quality

Columbus, OH — April 23, 2003 — Paper products giant Kimberly-Clark has tapped an integration solution from Sterling Commerce to synchronize and integrate product information with its customers.

Kimberly-Clark, a $13.5 billion company based in Dallas, is using Sterling's Gentran Integration Suite in a bid to increase the accuracy of item information in its retailers' systems, with the goal of improving overall order quality and increasing the speed to market for new product introductions.

Sterling said the suite would process and communicate catalog information inbound and outbound with Transora, the retail industry e-marketplace and data synchronization service provider. Transora will register the information with the UCCnet Global Registry and forward it to UCCnet retailers, exchanges and customers.

Kimberly-Clark is one of the first companies to use the new connectivity solution (within Gentran Integration Suite) with Transora, according to Sterling.

"Gentran Integration Suite provides us with the next-generation integration solution for [enterprise application intergration], B2B, EDI/XML translation and communication services that we feel will strengthen our e-business environment so that we can more easily exchange information with our customers," said Phil Nickolai with e-business management information services at Kimberly-Clark.

Nickolai added: "Converting our EDI processes with Transora to XML processes through Gentran Integration Suite allows us to begin the expansion of synchronization to additional customers and additional data attributes. Ultimately, this expansion will reduce costs for K-C and our customers."

Implementation of the suite took less than six week, according to Nickolai, who noted that Sterling Commerce has been long-time Kimberly-Clark's provider for electronic data interchange (EDI) and integration solutions.

"Our work with Kimberly-Clark is a great example of how a company can quickly implement a solution that leverages their current investments while extending towards greater internal integration and external collaboration," said Sam Starr, president and CEO of Sterling Commerce.

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