E2open Completes Amber Road Acquisition

E2open announced that it has completed its acquisition of Amber Road in an all cash tender offer for all outstanding shares of the company's common stock.

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E2open announced that it has completed its acquisition of Amber Road in an all cash tender offer for all outstanding shares of the company's common stock.

The offer expired at midnight on July 1, and Amber Road accepted all of the tendered shares. E2open subsequently paid for all of the tendered shares substantially contemporaneously with the merger of Amber Road at a price of $13.05 per share, net to the holder thereof in cash, without interest and less applicable withholding taxes. As a result of the acquisition, Amber Road has become a privately held subsidiary of E2open, and Amber Road shares have ceased to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

The acquisition brings together two complementary platforms to create a premier global trade management network solution, enhancing customers' ability to operate their entire end-to-end supply chains from one place in the cloud. 

The transaction will provide the following enhancements and solutions to E2open's existing platform:

  • Rich trade content and information services to improve sourcing decisions and lower costs;
  • Integrated trade management solutions to automate import and export processes;
  • Extensive duty deferral and free trade agreement management solutions to improve margins;
  • China trade management solutions to automate unique compliance requirements for General and Processing Trade; 
  • Multi-mode global logistics management solutions to reduce cycle times and transportation costs; and 
  • Comprehensive sourcing solutions for brands in the apparel and footwear industries.

Meanwhile, Amber Road's capabilities will be integrated seamlessly with E2open's platform of intelligent applications for logistics and trade management. With the addition of Amber Road's solutions, E2open's customers will have the ability to connect, streamline and operate all aspects of global sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, trade and compliance. 

In addition, Amber Road customers will have access to E2open's portfolio of intelligent applications as well, such as:

  • Channel Shaping – manage omni-channel marketing and operations.
  • Demand Sensing – help reduce forecast errors by 30 to 40 percent and make informed demand predictions based on real-time data from across your network.
  • Business Planning – bring together all supply chain data and plan end-to-end operations with unified business planning suite.
  • Collaborative Manufacturing – enable complete visibility into all tiers of outsourced manufacturing spanning lot production to order, quality and logistics processes.
  • Supply Management – orchestrate the supplier network for direct material procurement processes, visibility, and collaboration across all tiers of supply.

“Efficient global trade is paramount for modern businesses. The addition of Amber Road to the E2open platform will add immense value for customers, adding global trade management solutions to our leading cloud-based platform of networked supply chain solutions,” says Michael Farlekas, president and chief executive officer of E2open. “As we look forward, the unprecedented integration of E2open’s and Amber Road’s end-to-end supply chain and global trade management capabilities will expedite our ongoing efforts to digitally transform supply chain planning and execution.”