Death Toll from Factory Collapse Reaches 44

The factory's owner, who was adding a new floor to the building, ignored advice from his contractor to stop construction


Lahore, PakistanNov. 10, 2015—The death toll from the collapse of a Pakistani factory has reached 44, rescue officials said on Sunday, nearly five days after one of the country's deadliest industrial accidents in recent years.

More than 100 injured survivors were pulled from the rubble after the factory collapsed on Wednesday night, but no one had been recovered alive since Friday night, said Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmad, the executive district officer health Lahore.

"Now we are using sniffer dogs to try to find people," Ahmad said. "Only the ground floor is left ... It will take another day to clear all the rubble, after which we will be in a better position to tell the final death toll."

"Today ... the whole operation was stopped for 45 minutes and a pin-drop silence was maintained to hear sounds through voice sensors. But we found nothing."

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