SYSPRO 7 Enterprise Resource Planning Release Offers IT Advances

SYSPRO built more than a mobile extension of its ERP solutions; it allowed users to evolve their usage of mobile devices

Costa Mesa, Calif.August 8, 2014SYSPRO, a developer of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, announced that the most recent Eval-Source Technology Insight report states, SYSPRO 7 not only meets the market’s requirements for ‘better-suited solutions, including functionality upgrades, natively connected systems and simplified user capabilities,’ but that SYSPRO’s newest capabilities are looking to set the information technology (IT) benchmark.”

Eval-Source bases its appraisal on presentations at the JRocket Marketing Grape Escape event held last month in Chicago. The Eval-Source Report said, “SYSPRO, one of the world’s leading ERP companies dedicated to the success of … manufacturers and distributors, is rapidly gaining recognition with its new IT innovation and functionality in Release 7.”

Regarding the release of the SYSPRO Espresso mobile solution in SYSPRO 7, Eval-Source stated that it is indicative that “SYSPRO [is] gaining ground as [a] technology innovator: SYSPRO’s approach to mobile applications is thorough, built with the manufacturing/distribution marketplace in mind, and includes a high degree of easy customization options. Users have easy access to navigate and change menus and screens—available to them at system, company and operator level and/or by specific role. This is a major improvement in the ERP space in general, as these configuration options are not usually available at the mobile level (and likely not at all) by everyday non-technical users.” 

Eval-Source summarized, “Key takeaway: SYSPRO has built more than a mobile extension of its ERP solutions. It has allowed users to evolve their usage of mobile devices and utilize them as if using the desktop application.”