Simplified Planning of Complex Motion

Motion planning and collision detection enhance productivity in machine simulation/automation and virtual prototyping

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Plano, TexasAug. 1, 2014KineoWorks is the software component for collision-free path planning in a broad range of applications, including robotics, human accessibility studies and assembly/disassembly verification. Major customers, including Siemens and Dassault Systèmes, use KineoWorks to automate 3D motion planning and boost productivity. KineoWorks 3.0 can be deployed in offline and online machine control applications more quickly and easily using dedicated high-level functions that simplify the planning of complex motion.

System developers benefit from new tools for generating optimum manufacturing and inspection sequences. Complex path-planning problems in welding, painting, cutting and related manufacturing processes are solved with new algorithms that account for complex tool trajectories. These are just some of the capabilities new to KineoWorks 3.0.

Kineo Collision Detector (KCD) 3.0 enables high-speed collision checking in complex kinematics/motion studies and point cloud applications. KCD 3.0 customers, such as Zeiss and Cybernetix, benefit from advanced scene-setting tools, and more sophisticated use of parallel processing for improved efficiency in virtual prototyping and simulation.

Extensive improvements to the ease of integration for major application areas complement the numerous functional enhancements in version 3.0. These enhancements provide faster solution development, easier access to advanced features, and better performance and quality for the host application.