APICS Finalizes Merger with the Supply Chain Council

APICS merged with the SCC to create a global provider of supply chain research, education and certification programs

ChicagoAugust 6, 2014—The Association for Operations Management (APICS) announced that it completed its merger with the Supply Chain Council (SCC), creating a global provider of supply chain research, education and certification programs.

“I’m delighted to report the merger with APICS was ratified by a near-unanimous majority of SCC voting members,” said Jason Wheeler, chair of the APICS board of directors. “This overwhelming support shows that leaders of many of the most important global supply chain organizations believe that this combination will benefit our combined members, customers, partners and employees.”

According to John Sells, chair of the SCC board of directors, “APICS and the APICS Supply Chain Council (APICS SCC) together offer the first and only single-source solution for individuals and corporations looking to evaluate and improve supply chain performance.” APICS SCC is the new entity that combines SCC and APICS Foundation research and development programs.

“As APICS and APICS SCC, we now have the resources to ensure supply chain organizations are ready to address two of the most important topics in the global economy today—elevating supply chain performance and developing supply chain talent,” said Abe Eshkenazi, CEO of APICS.

The merger creates a global provider of supply chain solutions, poised to benefit members, customers, partners and employees in several ways. Specifically, the merger:

  • Creates a portfolio of brands.  The SCC SCOR model and SCOR Professional (SCOR-P) brands will be leveraged, along with APICS’s Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) designation brands to help corporations and professionals achieve their goals.
  • Ensures investment, improvement, innovation, and continued relevancy of training, standards, certifications and intellectual capital. The combination offers greater resources, and access to an expanded network of subject matter experts and volunteers committed to advancing the organization’s reputation as the source of industry standards, benchmarks and thought leadership.
  • Strengthens global competitive position. The unified entity offers greater resources, and creates more opportunities to distinctively serve members, customers, corporations and partners in over 100 countries around the world.
  • Builds a strong platform for growth. The combined product portfolio offers significant cross-sell and global expansion opportunities, including the marketing of SCC's training programs based on the SCOR model to APICS's clients, as well as the marketing of APICS's courseware and designations to SCC's clients. 
  • Captures operational efficiencies. The combination is expected to identify operational efficiencies and greater economies of scale primarily in back-office and support areas, and through the sharing of technology platforms.