Supply & Demand Chain Executive Announces the 2012 “Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100”

Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 100 Awards recognize the supply chain’s 100 most innovative projects of 2012

Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 100 Awards recognize the supply chain’s 100 most innovative projects of 2012.
Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 100 Awards recognize the supply chain’s 100 most innovative projects of 2012.

The complexities of the supply chain are enough to leave any distributor, manufacturer, service provider or business with countless questions as to how to overcome its challenges. And deciding on the right strategy or solution implementation requires addressing a number of factors.

Are you aware of the current market technologies and products that can address your business’s challenges today and provide further visibility into your supply chain? Should you collaborate with a potential partner in the industry to strengthen your service offering? If so, what benefits will it provide you and at what cost? Are you implementing a sales and operation planning (S&OP) strategy? Do you have the right processes in place to deliver services or product as guaranteed to your customer? Are you enforcing and optimizing on the right analytics to measure your company’s data? Do you know your total supply chain spend and profit?

Today, there are a number of supply chain leaders who are addressing all of these points and the fruit of their success lies within the project implementations they have deployed to help customers grow and overcome business challenges.

With the 2012 edition of Supply & Demand Chain Executive's 100 awards, the magazine recognizes supply chain solution providers, consultants and other organizations that are leading the way in transforming companies' supply and demand chains. This year’s 11th annual listing of the Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 highlights the industry’s “100 Great Supply Chain Projects” that have had a significant impact on the company's going through the implementations.

“Our readers count on Supply & Demand Chain Executive for intelligence and decision-making information on solutions and best practices for supply chain transformation,” said Barry Hochfelder, Editor of Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “With this year's Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100, we are featuring '100 Great Supply Chain Projects' that demonstrate the broad spectrum of opportunities for enabling excellence in the supply chain.”

Through an online submission process, Supply & Demand Chain Executive collected information on supply chain transformation projects, including information on the objectives, scope, timeline and results of the project. The submissions were evaluated by the magazine's editorial staff primarily based on ambitiousness/scope of the project; creative application of technologies/solutions/services used; extent of the business results/impact; and clarity of submission.

“Our goal with this year's ‘100’ is to put the spotlight on successful and innovative transformation projects that are delivering bottom-line value to small, medium and large enterprises across the different functions that comprise the supply chain,” Hochfelder added. “The projects featured in the ‘100’ article can serve as a roadmap for supply chain executives looking for new opportunities to drive improvement in their own operations.”

The projects recognized in the 2012 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 exemplify the successful collaboration, leadership and effective communication necessary for implementations that enable businesses in the supply chain to overcome challenges and gain return on investment; as well as grow the global supply chain from the bottom line.

SDCE is proud to list these project enablers here:

Accellos; Aditya Birla Minacs; AFN, LLC; Agentrics; Amazing Print Corp.; Amber Road; Arkieva; Ariba; Aspen Logistics; Avendra; Avercast; Basware; Cadec Global; Cadent Resources; Cadre Technologies; Campfire Interactive; Censeo Consulting; Core Solutions; Corporate United; CVM Solutions; Deacom; Demand Solutions; DiCentral; DSSI; eBuilder; Elemica; e-LYNXX Corp.; Emptoris; enVista; Epicor Software Corp.; FieldGlass; Focus Chain; Forte; Fortna; Gatewit; Genpact Ltd.; GEP; GHX; Global4PL; Greybeard Advisors; GT Nexus; IASTA; IES Ltd.; IHS; InfinityQS International; Inmar; Insight Inc.; Insight Sourcing Group; Integration Point; International Asset Systems (IAS); JVKellyGroup; John Galt Solutions; Kinaxis; LeanLogistics; LogFire; Logility; Lucas Systems; Manhattan Associates; Mobile Demand; ModusLink; Murphy Warehouse Co.; NetSuite; Next Level Purchasing; NGC Software; Novation; NTE LLC; Optricity; PINC Solutions; Plan4Demand; Prime Advantage; Puridiom; Rapid Ratings; Ryder Systems Inc.; SAP; SciQuest; The Shelby Group; 4Sight Supply Chain Solutions; Silvon Software; Skinit Inc.; Smart Software; Solveit Software PTY Ltd.; Source One Management Services; Spend Radar; SPS Commerce;; SYSPRO; TAKE Solutions; Terra Technology; Tidal Seven; Tools Group; TradeCard; TradeStone Software; Transplace; Treya Partners; Unit4 Coda; Upside Software; U.S. Bank; Volt Consulting Group; W&H Systems; Zionex Inc.

For more exclusive coverage on the Supply & Demand Chain Executive “100 Great Supply Chain Projects,” stay tuned for the June issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive, both online and in print.