Preparing Products for New FDA Food and Beverage Labeling Laws

The Labeling Laws blog features brief explanations with actionable instructions for product lifecycle management best practices

NEW YORK, March 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Selerant provides clear steps to prepare food and beverage products for the FDA's proposed food labeling laws.

"The FDA's proposed changes will change not only how consumers view their products, but will also significantly change how food and beverage manufacturers create and market them," says Selerant COO, Sunil Thomas. 

The FDA has proposed changes that will impact how nutritional value is calculated by changing the arbitrary serving sizes to a more realistic size and subsequent analysis. In addition, calories and added sugars will be more prominently displayed.

Read more about the proposed laws here:

The Labeling Laws blog is the latest in a series of educational blogs created by Selerant. "We saw the need to provide expertise to team leaders and executives," states Selerant COO, Sunil Thomas. "This blog provides best practices in a clear and concise format."

The blogs currently feature brief explanations with actionable instructions for product lifecycle management (PLM) best practices, including:

Compliant Labeling
Recipe Management
PLM/ERP Integration
PLM Acronyms (what they actually mean)

Many blogs provide downloadable forms that allow companies to define their needs, compare and contrast with multiple vendors, and start defining the scope of their PLM solution.

"The Selerant Blog is a great resource for PLM practitioners especially within the process industry. It provides relevant, practical information that can help companies improve their PLM solution," states Tom Gill, Senior Consultant from CIMdata.

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SOURCE Selerant Corporation