Untangling Supply Chain Complexities for Distribution-Intensive Companies

IBS Business Suite 2014 creates efficiencies between end-to-end supply chain operations to drive revenue growth and improve productivity

Solna, SwedenOct. 8, 2013International Business Systems (IBS), a global integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain solutions provider, announced the release of IBS Business Suite 2014, an integrated and synchronized set of software solutions designed specifically to help mid-tier, distribution-intensive companies improve their end-to-end supply chain operations.

Each component of IBS Business Suite 2014 was originally developed as a standalone solution for a specific aspect of the supply chain, such as sales and operations planning (S&OP), warehouse management (WM) and ERP. Those individual components are now integrated into a suite that provides a single view of all distribution operations, simplifying the complexities involved in moving product efficiently through the supply chain to help organizations drive revenue, improve productivity and exceed customer expectations. The full suite includes IBS Enterprise, IBS Dynaman, IBS Bookmaster and IBS Sales & Operations Planning.

“The suite fuels growth for mid-tier companies with complex distribution operations, especially those in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, automotive aftermarkets, third-party logistics (3PL) and wholesale distribution,” said Mike Verdeyen, IBS CTO. “It gives business leaders insights to make informed decisions proactively, rather than reacting to issues or market changes, along with the flexibility to differentiate their organizations in competitive markets, and the agility to extend communication across customers and business partners. The result is a platform for growth with a lower total cost of ownership than building each solution individually.”

Key benefits include:

  • Accelerating productivity and reducing cost through standard interfaces and interactions for common business practices.
  • Reducing capital expenditures and mitigating risks by adding new capabilities to solutions already owned and used today.
  • Maximizing returns on investment with a global network of proven domain and industry experts.

“Mid-tier organizations are looking for depth and functionality across enterprise resource planning and supply chain execution so they can position themselves for strategic growth,” said IBS CEO Doug Braun. “The ability to maximize applications and processes that companies, partners and suppliers already use cannot be understated.”

IBS applications are designed to lower information technology (IT) cost through fixed monthly fees, reduce business risk, speed time to value, and increase flexibility in combination with the advanced functionality of the IBS ERP and supply chain solutions. 

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