Click Commerce Reveals RFID Competency Center

Center to showcase the Intelligent Supply Chain solution, next-generation extended enterprise

Center to showcase the Intelligent Supply Chain solution, next-generation extended enterprise

Chicago — February 13, 2006 — Click Commerce Inc., an on-demand supply chain management solutions provider, today announced the opening of its radio frequency identification (RFID) Competency Center. Located at company headquarters in Chicago, Click Commerce said the RFID Competency Center features a demonstration of the Intelligent Supply Chain, a RFID solution created by Click Commerce and item-level RFID provider Vue Technology. It also shows how RFID works with Click Commerce solutions.

The Intelligent Supply Chain demonstration tracks the movement of inventory through a multi-tier supply chain from manufacturing through distribution to the retail store shelf. Item-, case- and pallet-level RFID tagging is used to provide inventory visibility and management across the supply chain.

Click Commerce said visibility and control increases supply chain agility and accuracy, allowing inventory to be pulled through the network based on real-time demand conditions to avoid stock-outs. Within the distribution center, RFID drives labor productivity and accuracy by automatically sensing inventory throughout the warehouse, eliminating labor associated with check-in, bar code scans and cycle counts.

"What makes this demonstration so unique is the detailed information that item-level RFID tracking provides at a low cost. This is one of the most affordable item-level RFID tracking solutions on the market," stated Nancy Koenig, executive vice president of operations for Click Commerce. "We've created the Competency Center to show how the Intelligent Supply Chain works and to give our customers an opportunity to see how our solutions work together to create the next-generation extended enterprise."

Along with the RFID demonstration, the Competency Center highlights business practices with demonstrations of the Click Commerce Service Supply Chain, Demand Chain Management and Service Parts Planning and Optimization solutions. Also featured is the Click Commerce eResearch Portal for the healthcare market.

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