Ford Taps TNT for Logistics Support at Econoline Plant

Service provider enabling just-in-time process for automaker's newly consolidated Ohio Assembly Plant

Service provider enabling just-in-time process for automaker's newly consolidated Ohio Assembly Plant

Avon Lake, OH — February 23, 2006 — Ford Motor Company has tapped TNT Logistics North America to launch a series of logistics support locations supporting van production for the automaker utilizing three facilities located in Lorain County, Ohio.

In support of the logistics processes, TNT leased more than 230,000 square feet of warehouse space in the Ohio communities of Elyria, Avon Lake and Westlake. These three sites are within close proximity to Ford's newly consolidated Ohio Assembly Plant in Avon Lake.

The Ohio Assembly Plant produces the Ford Econoline van. Before the consolidation, these commercial-use vans were assembled in Lorain after the bodies were prepared and painted in Avon Lake. The Ohio Assembly Plant now performs both steps.

Supporting Just-in-Time

TNT is supporting processes to allow the material within the supply chain to arrive efficiently at the plant for production, with returnable containers returned to Ford's tier-one suppliers.

Kerry Zielinski, director of business development for TNT Logistics North America, said TNT serves as a material sequencing supplier, providing a flow of parts to the Ohio Assembly Plant on a just-in-time schedule. The logistics provider is sequencing to live broadcast many commodities to allow Ford to maintain their service quality utilizing a smaller footprint line side for materials.

Ford uses TNT Logistics for a variety of logistics services at various locations across the world, including similar manufacturing support for truck and SUV production in Kansas City, Mo. (Kansas City Assembly); Brownstown, Mich. (Dearborn Truck); and Westland, Mich. (Michigan Truck).

"This is an important project for both TNT and the Ohio Assembly Plant," said Zielinski. "Using our Zero Defects Start-Up (ZDS) process, we achieved a smooth operational launch in January 2006 and look forward to a great future with this plant."

TNT Logistics North America is a business unit of TNT Logistics.

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