ThingMagic Ups Ante with Increased Interference Rejection in New RFID Reader

Fifth-generation Mercury radio frequency ID reader aims to give more 100 percent read rates; compatible with Gen 2 tags

Fifth-generation Mercury radio frequency ID reader aims to give more 100 percent read rates; compatible with Gen 2 tags

Las Vegas — May 4, 2006 — ThingMagic, a developer of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, has unveiled its fifth-generation RFID reader, which was designed to achieve more 100 percent tag read rates by ignoring interference that can impair performance from sources such as other RFID readers, legacy wireless networks, fluorescent lighting and wireless phones.

The Mercury5 sports a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1,995, with volume discounts available. In addition to interference rejection, the Mercury5 has the multi-protocol and network capability of its predecessor, the Mercury4, with which it is backwards compatible. Cost reductions also affect the price of the Mercury4 reader, which now has an MSRP of $995.

Both readers read all EPC Generation 1 Class 0 and 1, ISO 18000-6B, and EPC Generation 2 tags, and they can be remotely upgraded to read other and future protocols through software alone, according to ThingMagic.

The solution provider said that Dense Reader Mode (DRM), part of EPCglobal's Generation 2 tag specification, only helps manage interference from other DRM-compliant readers. In some real-world applications, including distribution center dock doors and high-speed conveyors, other interference sources obstruct overall RFID performance and read rates.

Mercury5 not only supports DRM but goes beyond this requirement to ignore other interference, giving more 100 percent read rates in challenging large-scale deployments, ThingMagic said.

"Tags can't hide from this reader," said Kevin Ashton, vice president of marketing for ThingMagic. "In recent end user comparisons, no other reader performed as well in RFID environments with a mix of tags, weak tags and numerous interference sources."

RFID solutions using ThingMagic Mercury readers are only available from ThingMagic- resellers, including AbeTech, Accu-Sort, Acsis, BuyRFID, CIT, Conectag, Creek Systems, Fujitsu, IconNicholson, M/A-COM, Markem, Omron, Quest Solutions, RFID Global Solutions, Rush Tracking, SONTEC, Ubi-Tech, Verisign, Venture Research and Zebra.

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