Selectica, Wipro Ally to Offer Configuration Solution to Manufacturers

Combining configuration and pricing technology with the domain expertise to help automate sales processes, improve sales execution

Combining configuration and pricing technology with the domain expertise to help automate sales processes, improve sales execution

San Jose, CA  May 16, 2006  Sales configuration solution provider Selectica is partnering with IT services provider Wipro Technologies to combine Selectica's configuration and pricing technology with the domain expertise of Wipro to help large manufacturers accelerate product introductions, process more sales transactions and improve customer satisfaction.

The global partnership brings together Selectica's experience with sales execution technology and Wipro's domain and IT consulting expertise to develop and deploy various solutions specifically designed for the discrete manufacturing industry.

Wipro's manufacturing customer base has led the company to seek out and deliver a solution designed to help manufacturers to reduce inaccurate orders and increase sales execution, productivity and revenue. This is even more critical today as manufacturers face increased global pressures to bring products to market faster and reduce costs.

Together, Wipro and Selectica said they would offer the discrete manufacturing industry a scalable, automated approach for streamlining their operations and standardizing their best practices to reduce costs and increase margins.

Selectica said its Configurator and Pricer engines enable customers to set up, modify and maintain rules for configure-to-order products. The software can help improve productivity by assisting salespeople in matching customer needs to unique products and service offerings, Selectica said.

"[This] partnership will enable customers to address sales execution challenges immediately and improve productivity and profitability," said NS Bala, senior vice president for manufacturing solutions at Wipro Technologies.

"Our partnership with Wipro enhances our ability to integrate and automate the complex product knowledge management and sales execution requirements of manufacturers worldwide," said James Dias, vice president of marketing and sales at Selectica. "Wipro's solutions expertise across sales, marketing and supply chain systems is a strong complement to our software."

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