Emanio TradingPartner Integrator Links EDI to ERP for SMBs

TPI provides solution to connect partners and link applications for small-to-mid-sized companies

TPI provides solution to connect partners and link applications for small-to-mid-sized companies

Berkeley, CA — June 13, 2006 — Solutions provider Emanio Inc. today announced its new TradingParnter Integrator, which it said is a solution for electronic data interchange (EDI) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration for mid-sized businesses.

Based on EMANIO's Unite! Business Integration Platform, TradingPartner Integrator 7.0 manages EDI transactions and maps to ERP systems using a "drag and drop" interface. Architected from the ground up to work with any type of ERP system and data structure, Emanio said TPI can process up to 17,000 transactions per minute. EDIFACT and X12 EDI processing capabilities are built directly into TPI, which translates EDI data into purchase orders, sales orders and documents, which in turn can be processed by the ERP system.

"In a perfect world, EDI transactions would be automatically translated and routed into the ERP system, which would be linked directly with the sales database to minimize redundancy and reduce wasteful manual data processing," said KG Charles-Harris, CEO of Emanio. "The Emanio team has created a completely new integration tool specifically designed for mid-sized businesses to solve these problems. TPI offers enterprise-class requirements in a package friendly for small-business budgets and resources."

Charles-Harris commented that SMBs previously were faced with limited choices for solving their EDI needs. They could either purchase expensive, labor-intensive solutions designed for the Fortune 500 companies or outsource through unscalable, Web-based EDI providers with limited mapping capabilities.

He said TPI provides an out-of-the-box solution that can be up and running within weeks. It supports all EDI standards, multiple customers, multiple communications protocols, and emerging partner mandates. It provides plug-in modules for partners, communications protocols, pre-configured back-end integration, and runs on off-the-shelf desktop and server PCs.

Designed to lower supply chain costs, Charles-Harris said TPI provides high performance document translation and programming-free, direct connectivity to retailers and distributors, including FTP and AS2. It provides graphic-rich screens for unattended operation, partner/transaction management, auditing reporting, archiving and information retrieval.

The TradingPartner family of EDI translators is already employed by over 3,000 businesses worldwide in managing EDI transactions with trading partners, including Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy, among others.