Blue Vector Enables Retail Operations with RFID

Configuration management solutions allows users to manage RFID network from storefront to backroom

Configuration management solutions allows users to manage RFID network from storefront to backroom

Mountain View, CA — January 17, 2005 — Blue Vector Systems today announced its fully integrated radio frequency identification (RFID) Configuration Management System (CMS), with a graphical user interface (GUI) for Blue Vector's RFID solution.

The CMS creates the underlying network configuration enabling the retailer to configure, implement and manage its entire RFID system.

As part of Blue Vector's comprehensive solution, the CMS enables deployment of an RFID system for a retailer, reducing time and cost. For example, Blue Vector first works with a retail store to create a virtual representation of its physical retail environment, which is then configured for RFID functionality. Next, this new configuration is automatically downloaded to all of the Blue Vector network appliances in the physical environment.

Blue Vector's distributed appliance-based RFID system is modular, enabling the RFID network to initially be created quickly and then expanded while using fewer resources. The provider said it allows companies to address the cost and operational complexities of initially building an RFID pilot, and then migrating to a full production system.

"The CMS boosts our overall system by allowing customers to have a powerful user interface for managing their integrated RFID system," said Anurag Mendhekar, CEO of Blue Vector Systems. "When a retailer wants to RFID-enable a physical environment, they can use the CMS to virtualize that environment, which then automatically deploys the RFID configuration to the system without the need for extensive resources. This reduces the time, effort and cost ordinarily required for a retailer to set up their RFID implementation."

At the National Retail Federation (NRF) show this week in New York, Blue Vector is demonstrating the CMS. It is showing a virtualization of the "X05 smart store" prototype sponsored by leading companies such as IconNicholson, Cisco, IBM, ID Merchandising, Tarkett, and Wilsonart Laminate. Blue Vector will demonstrate how the CMS works by virtualizing the X05 physical environment.