U.S. Department of Defense Selects Symbol RFID Technology

Company partners for five contract wins

Company partners for five contract wins

Holtsville, NY — May 20, 2005 — The Army Contracting Agency (ACA) Information Technology, E-Commerce and Commercial Contracting Center (ITEC4) has awarded five blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) for Symbol Technology Inc.'s electronic product code (EPC)-compliant class 0 and 1 multi-protocol fixed radio frequency identification (RFID) readers.

The move will allow the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to install and use Symbol's RFID technology in military installations around the world to track materials and supplies throughout the agency supply chain.

A BPA is a DoD procedure that establishes a virtual paperless ordering process. The DoD issued the BPAs as part of the agency's mandate for the use of RFID technology to improve efficiency and cost-savings throughout its supply chain with the ultimate goal of saving taxpayer dollars.

With the award of the BPAs, Symbol's RFID readers are now available to the DoD to track everything from tanks to toilet paper and achieve the agency's vision of accurate, real-time data capture and processing.

The awards were made to Symbol's partners — CDO Technologies Inc., Cheval Rouge, RSI ID Technologies, SYS-TEC Corp. and WFI Government Services Inc. — and call for the use of Symbol's fixed, multi-protocol RFID reader.

Designed for industrial use, Symbol's multi-protocol reader captures data to read, write, process and communicate information from electronic product code (EPC)-compliant passive RFID tags for the identification of any item within the supply chain.

The multi-protocol RFID reader is part of a larger portfolio of Symbol enterprise mobility solutions that are designed to help organizations capture, move and manage information to and from the point of business activity, providing accountability and cost-savings.