Catalyst, ConnecTerra to Deliver RFID Solutions

Supply chain and RFID providers partner to support SAP Auto-ID infrastructure

Supply chain and RFID providers partner to support SAP Auto-ID infrastructure

Boston, MA — May 20, 2005 — Catalyst International Inc., a provider of supply chain execution (SCE) systems, and ConnecTerra, a supplier of enterprise software for radio frequency identification (RFID) and device computing, have partnered to offer a packaged solution including ConnecTerra's RFTagAware RFID device management software and Catalyst's Systems Integration capabilities for SAP solutions and RFID.

Moving forward, Catalyst and ConnecTerra said they plan to expand into a broader partnership in which the companies will collaborate on joint product development and new product definition for device control and device management for SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure. The expect their future efforts will streamline RFID compliance for SAP customers and provide a scalable platform for enhanced supply chain visibility.

RFTagAware's device management and control features include services deployed on or near the device; applications for monitoring the operation and configuring connected devices; and applications and tools for solution development.

RFTagAware also implemented the Application Level Events (ALE) standard, which provides a programming paradigm and industry standard interfaces to simplify RFID implementations.

"As our customer base using SAP solutions looks to Catalyst to support the broader use of RFID, both within their warehouse and across the extended supply chain, we must continually extend the functionality of our products and services," said Jim Treleaven, president and CEO of Catalyst. "ConnecTerra's RFTagAware software meets our customers' need for SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure integration and has the flexibility and scalability that fits with our 'Best-for-Business' strategy."

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