Whirlpool Implements Warranty Analysis Solution to Beef up Early Warning System

Appliance manufacturer deploys SAS apps in bid to reduce annual warranty expenses, build brand value

Appliance manufacturer deploys SAS apps in bid to reduce annual warranty expenses, build brand value

Lisbon, Portugal — June 24, 2005 — Appliance manufacturer Whirlpool Corp. has implemented a warranty analysis solution from SAS as part of a program to beef up its customer early warning system, reduce annual warranty expenses and help the company continue to build brand value and customer loyalty.

Whirlpool has deployed SAS' Warranty Analysis and Text Miner solutions, which integrate warranty data with key customer, product, manufacturing and geographic information, helping Whirlpool to make decisions that can lead to cost savings.

SAS said that Warranty Analysis will allow Whirlpool to automatically detect emerging issues more quickly than before, and determine root causes quickly to focus its resources on the right issues in the right place at the right time for a shorter "detection to correction" cycle.

In addition, the solution will help the company glean intelligence out of its SAP R/3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and gain value from its customer and technician comments to accelerate problem solving.

"Our use of SAS business intelligence tools helps Whirlpool bring new innovations to our customers more quickly and in ways that create real brand value," said John Kerr, general manager of quality and OPEX with Whirlpool Appliances, North America. "SAS brings to the table in-depth analysis, text mining and other capabilities we need now."

"SAS Warranty Analysis and the business intelligence platform that supports it allow customers to gain faster access to company data and text, apply proven analytics to help pinpoint real issues more quickly and present the information in a manner that allows users to act in a timely fashion," said

Thomas Roehm, senior director of SAS Supply Chain Intelligence solutions, said that rather than the typical online analytical processing (OLAP) or text analysis offered by some other solutions, the SAS offering provides customers with a business intelligence platform for system-driven, in-depth analysis.

"That helps customers like Whirlpool make sense of their operational ERP data, improve product quality through faster response and ultimately reduce warranty expenditures for a healthier bottom line," Roehm said.

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