Mouser Electronics Deploys Enterprise Product Information Management Solution

Catalog distributor taps FullTilt to support large repository of product information

Catalog distributor taps FullTilt to support large repository of product information

Wayne, PA — August 1, 2005 — Mouser Electronics, a subsidiary of TTI, said it has deployed FullTilt's product information management (PIM) software, Perfect Product Suite to manage the world's largest known centralized repository of product information maintained by a single company using a commercial PIM product.

Mouser Electronics, a fast-growing electronics catalog distributor in North America, said it is dedicated to supplying its customers with the latest new products and the newest technologies. Mouser is the only distributor in the industry to publish a new 1,500+ page print catalog every 90 days.

In addition to its print catalog, Mouser's growing on-line catalog provides over 5 million franchised products and provides competitive cross-references to millions more competitive products. Mouser's FullTilt PIM system is expected to grow to many times its current size.

"We've been extremely pleased with FullTilt's performance on our PIM project," said Glenn Smith, president and CEO of Mouser Electronics. "After extensive review and evaluation, we discovered that our database size was too large and our performance requirements too high to be properly supported by other PIM vendors. In fact, once fully populated, it appears that our database may be the largest ever contained in a commercial PIM."

Mouser is diligent in daily updates and continuous refinement of their Web site. By using FullTilt's Perfect Product Suite, Mouser expects to streamline its product information management processes, resulting in reduced costs and deployment of up-to-date attributed product information that will provide a competitive advantage.

"FullTilt demonstrated the ability to accurately evaluate Mouser's data challenges and successfully deploy a solution that exactly meets those needs. FullTilt truly functioned as a member of the Mouser team," Smith added. They not only worked with our company's best interests in mind, they kept within the agreed budget and didn't surprise us with unexpected cost increases."

"Investment in world class information systems has been a key to Mouser's explosive growth," said Bob Moyer, president of FullTilt. "They recognized the need to develop product information management as one of their core internal competencies and key to providing value to their customers."