Olympic Foodservice Deploys Cube Route GPS Tracking Service

Real-time visibility into driver location enables distributor to reduce average delivery costs by 10 percent per route

Real-time visibility into driver location enables distributor to reduce average delivery costs by 10 percent per route

Orlando, FL ? October 24, 2005 ? Bakery/foodservice distributor Olympic Wholesale Co. has deployed the GPS Tracking Service from on-demand logistics services provider Cube Route in an initiative to meet its need for GPS tracking of its fleet.

Based in Pickering, Ontario, Olympic Wholesale Co. is now using Cube Route's GPS Tracking Service, which the enabler described as an on-demand, subscription-based GPS (global positioning system) tracking service that provides a way for businesses to track employees or vehicle locations, record shift times and breaks, and to capture job/work order information from GPS-enabled mobile phones.

The service combines data sent from GPS-enabled mobile phones with a Web interface to provide organizations with real-time updates on field service employees, drivers and delivery activity.

"The lack of visibility into our fleet was costing us money," said Bob Haliburton, distribution manager for Olympic Wholesale. "We're already dealing with razor thin margins and the inability to generate more revenues through price increases. Our only option was to find a cost effective solution that could be adapted to our operating environment and culture, and provide the base level of visibility we required."

Haliburton said that satellite tracking AVL (automatic vehicle locator) solutions were too expensive. "The Cube Route GPS Tracking Service was the perfect choice for an operation such as ours, where drivers are paid on an hourly basis and a real-time view of driver location at any given point in time is essential," he said.

With the Cube Route GPS Tracking Service, drivers use GPS-enabled phones, which update their activities throughout the day. GPS tracking is initiated the moment the driver departs for their first stop. As soon as the driver leaves for that stop, GPS pings are sent from the phone, automatically updating their location, speed, and direction on maps on a dedicated customer Web site that can be accessed anywhere through a standard web browser.

"It essentially creates a breadcrumb trail," explained Haliburton. "You can see the full movement and speed of a driver any time during the day. Since using the service, we have driven efficiencies into the organization and reduced our delivery costs considerably. Before having GPS tracking we only knew when our drivers left, and when they ended their day."

Since implementing this service, Olympic has reported an average 10 percent per route cost savings.

"Olympic is typical of many operators wanting to gain more control of their operations, but have limited resources," said Jeff Murphy, COO of Cube Route. "They want to move to the next level of operational efficiency, and are looking for a robust solution to help them get there. By using the Cube Route GPS Tracking Service they can achieve a level of visibility that allows them to reduce costs while improving margins at a very affordable price. In this way they can approach change in incremental, manageable steps."

Murphy continued, "Unlike other GPS tracking solutions, our service provides companies like Olympic with an ideal foundation and logical transition path to implementing a full-featured visibility, planning and routing solution as their business, and requirements change."

After seeing the results it has achieved with GPS tracking, Olympic is currently evaluating the feasibility of transitioning to the Cube Route Visibility Service. This service combines sophisticated tracking and planning functionality with the simplicity of web-based service to provide dispatchers, managers and support agents with a real-time view of driver movement and order status across an entire fleet of vehicles.