Tyco Electronics Provides Suppliers with Real-time Demand Visibility

Uses E2open to optimize supply chain operations for its automotive components business

Uses E2open to optimize supply chain operations for its automotive components business

Redwood City, CA — December 5, 2005 — Components supplier Tyco Electronics has tapped E2open to enable its suppliers to have access to real-time demand by providing them with a schedule sharing process where suppliers benefit from forecast and firm delivery schedules, and Tyco Electronics obtains the suppliers' response in a closed-loop process.

Tyco Electronics, a business segment of Tyco International, is the world's largest passive electronic components manufacturer. The company also offers wireless, active fiber optic and complete power systems technologies, as well as premise wiring components and systems.

E2open said it is providing Tyco Electronics with an "early warning" system that enables visibility and control over its global supply chain network, automating Tyco Electronics' communication with suppliers. E2open software is integrated with Tyco Electronics' SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to automate communication between the company and its suppliers.

"Collaborative planning with our suppliers is part of Tyco Electronics' ongoing e-procurement effort to drive supply chain wide benefits," said Dr. Waltraud Saurugg, vice president of operational excellence and supply chain management at Tyco Electronics. "The system gives our suppliers a better view of the overall demand picture while providing us with better supply assurance through an early warning system that enables Tyco Electronics and its suppliers to address potential problems before they impact our customers."

To date, fifty suppliers are currently live on the system and benefiting from increased visibility into demand, according to E2open. Tyco Electronics plans to include additional suppliers with a target of 200 suppliers connected to its supply chain network within twelve months.

"E2open teamed very effectively with Tyco Electronics," said Ron Vance, Tyco Electronics vice president and CIO. "E2open's software-as-a-service approach proved to be a project accelerator and reduced both risks and resource requirements."

"E2open allows Tyco Electronics' suppliers to quickly and affordably gain visibility of critical inventory processes, increasing communication efficiencies and, as a result, improving overall business processes for all parties in the Tyco Electronics supply chain," said Greg Clark, president and CEO of E2open. "This project showcases the applicability of E2open software to the automotive industry."

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