Exact Releases Upgraded Version of Alliance/MFG Software

Retooled according to customers comments, features more robust data structure

Retooled according to customers comments, features more robust data structure

Santa Barbara, CA — January 28, 2004 — Exact Software, a business process management solutions provider, today announced the release of its newest version of Alliance/MFG software, which is a manufacturing resource planning (MRP-II) solution that includes capacity requirements planning, shop floor control and graphical bill of materials in a Microsoft SQL or Access environment.

Version 6.4 of the software includes several new features and a more robust data structure, according to Exact, which it said ramps up the MRP-II system.

The company said its Alliance/MFG is designed for small manufacturing companies that need a solution to streamline manufacturing processes, improve on-time fulfillment rates, reduce costs and provide a footing for future growth.

Exact said the new version is the culmination of several months of intensive research and development, of which the Alliance/MFG customer base was an essential part. "It is always a challenge to decide which enhancements and modifications to make in any new version," said Jim Diamond, general manager of the Alliance division of Exact Software. "We decided that our customers would best know what functionality was needed to bring the product to its next level of performance."

The Alliance team surveyed each of its customers and held round table discussions at its first annual Alliance/MFG Users Conference to discuss possible changes to the system. The feedback the Alliance division received was tallied, and those items that topped the charts became the outline for the newest version.

Exact said version 6.4 of Alliance/MFG incorporates over 50 new features, feature enhancements and new reports. With the "customer-voted" enhancements in mind, Exact said it re-designed the data views to allow each user to click and drag columns, enabling a user-customized format in which to view the screen.

Also, the software features a favorites list to give users easier access to frequently used reports, transactions, views and queries. A serialized work order completions screen has been incorporated, allowing auto-generation of serial numbers for work order completions, and a back-flushing transaction has been included, allowing users to create a work order, consume component material and complete the finished goods. Additionally, several reports were added or updated to improve the functionality of the Alliance/MFG system.