Specialty Retailer Integrates WMS, TMS

Electronics Boutique drives 40 percent decrease in outbound order accuracy error rate by linking warehouse, transportation management systems

Electronics Boutique drives 40 percent decrease in outbound order accuracy error rate by linking warehouse, transportation management systems

Atlanta — February 2, 2004 — Specialty retailer Electronics Boutique has deployed integrated warehouse and transportation management systems (WMS and TMS) as part of an initiative to optimize its operations and increase visibility across its supply chain, already resulting in a 40 percent decrease in the company's outbound order accuracy error rate.

Electronics Boutique is one of the world's largest specialty retailers dedicated exclusively to video game hardware, software and PC entertainment software accessories.

The company partnered with Manhattan Associates to integrate WMS functionality into its existing Manhattan Associates TMS solution. The implementation, which went live in three of the company's U.S. distribution centers last summer, has enabled the company to ship all of its orders and process all inbound receipts from day one in all three warehouses, according to Manhattan.

The partnership with Electronics Boutique marks the first Manhattan Associates customer to operate a fully integrated WMS and TMS solution.

"With our business growing at nearly 25 percent annually, we knew that it was critical to have a warehouse management solution capable of handling substantial volume," said Mike Mauler, vice president of distribution at Electronics Boutique.

Mauler said that his company selected Manhattan for the implementation in part because of the provider's track record for meeting the retailer's needs as a TMS customer. In addition, he cited the flexibility provided by a fully integrated WMS/TMS solution to support the company's growing distribution requirements, as well as the functionality of the WMS product suite, which, he said, provides Electronics Boutique with the tools needed to facilitate continuous improvement across the supply chain.

Since implementation, Electronics Boutique has seen its outbound order accuracy error rate decrease by 40 percent to less than 0.3 percent, according to Manhattan.

Other benefits realized from the integration include productivity tracking and labor-planning functionality that provides the ability to track and measure employees' performance against a number of standard distribution center (DC) activities, enabling DC managers to access performance levels in real-time and analyze efficiency throughout the warehouse.

The integrated solution's slotting and pick line optimization capabilities allow increased pick accuracy, as well as the ability to identify and solve mismatches between merchandise and slot characteristics and slot family groupings together to reduce travel time, Manhattan said.

The solution also is providing the ability to ship orders at the carton level versus the order level, and quicker and more efficient receiving and put-away times, according to the solution provider.

"The synchronization of warehouse and transportation information provides customers with unparalleled visibility, increased flexibility and the ability to optimize workflow across the supply chain," said Bruce Eicher, vice president, implementation services at Manhattan Associates.