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Opus Group says new solution addresses gap in workforce optimization market, redefines industry expectations

Opus Group says new solution addresses gap in workforce optimization market, redefines industry expectations

Chicago — April 26, 2004 — Opus Group, a performance management company, today launched the Opus Suite, which it said is a new solution for processing and contact centers that aims to improve operational performance.

Opus said performance management is an area focused on enabling the people and technologies that are already in place to perform at optimal levels by integrating disparate data from across the enterprise to offer new visibility.

One way that new visibility is offered is through the suite's Performance Management Tools, which, the provider said, gives service centers enhanced reporting and analytics. This means that managers and front-line service providers also have the proper tools to align organizational goals and reward better individual performance.

In addition, the suite has two other components to improving performance: First, the provider identifies and repairs high-impact performance gaps in business processes, which are then directly linked to performance metrics. Second, Opus Group said it offers managerial and front-line training to help companies adopt a "performance managing" mindset as opposed to just "performance measuring."

"By taking an operational approach to performance management and scheduling, Opus Group brings a fresh perspective to maximizing agent performance and operational efficiency," said Paul Stockford, chief analyst at Saddletree Research. "The technologically thorough nature of the Opus Suite also brings the industry another step closer to a comprehensive Workforce Optimization solution, which we believe will be a major contributing factor to the growth of the contact center industry for the remainder of the decade."

According to Nancy Treul, senior vice president, Foremost Insurance Group, said, "Opus Group has had a profound effect on our business. After several years we are still using the Opus Suite of Tools daily to enhance performance. Opus Group has helped us take the guesswork out of daily management. Opus Group's tools, training and patented process optimization offerings have provided our managers with valid and timely information that enables them to act in real time, and has enhanced communication and performance down to our customer facing frontlines."

Opus said that the technology requires no license or maintenance fees, and the service fees are based on the customer's return on investment.