Nieco Turns up the Flames on Transportation Management

Accelerates order fulfillment, reduces LTL truckload and parcel shipping to improve customer service

Accelerates order fulfillment, reduces LTL truckload and parcel shipping to improve customer service

Tempe, AZ — April 30, 2004 — Nieco Corp., which manufactures automatic broilers, has implemented the Pacejet Logistics' Transportation Management solution. Nieco said it replaced an existing system with the solution to speed fulfillment cycles, automate complex transportation and documentation tasks, and lower shipping costs incurred internally and billed to customers.

"Fast and reliable equipment deliveries are key to our ability to deliver excellent customer service," said Jane Catelani-Howard, general manager of Nieco. "As our international business grew, the manpower and time requirements for us to process shipments outgrew our paper-based processes and existing system."

Nieco explained that the solution helps ship large broilers and maintenance parts to customers located all over the world by providing a central transportation system that manages all parcel and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. It also integrates with other applications used by Nieco, including MAPICS SyteLine enterprise resource planning (ERP) and UPS Worldship.

"Flexible integration was a key reason we chose Pacejet," remarked Catelani-Howard. "The standard SyteLine ERP integration gives us the agility to pick, pack, ship and invoice very quickly while ensuring accurate data and instant visibility. We are also very pleased with the UPS Worldship integration; it allows us to instantly process parcel shipments and the software automatically connects to UPS over the Internet to retrieve up-to- date rates, routes, service-levels and tracking information."

Nieco also uses logistics planning features built-into the Pacejet software to make faster decisions. Optimized shipping plans are created for each line-item of Nieco sales orders, taking into account due-dates, ship-from facilities, ship-to destinations and other requirements to ensure on-time delivery at the lowest possible cost.

The application also adjusts planned shipments to save money, for instance consolidating two shipments going to the same customer or same geography.

"The execution functions in Pacejet definitely simplify our everyday tasks such as rating shipments and preparing documentation," noted Catelani-Howard, "but it's the logistics planning functions that give us the visibility and control to manage the big-picture. We have accurate, instant information to make smarter decisions and the tools to act quickly; that helps us deliver better customer service and lowers our costs."

According to Ron Lee, vice president of Marketing at Pacejet, most manufacturers and distributors can improve operating profits using logistics, transportation and warehouse solutions. "A typical manufacturer spends between 6 and 10 percent of every sales dollar they bring in on logistics and transportation costs, so even small improvements can have a big impact on profitability," noted Lee.