BigMachines Debuts Latest Version of Lean Front-End Solution

Manufacturing solutions provider globalizes customer-facing software, boosts performance

Manufacturing solutions provider globalizes customer-facing software, boosts performance

Chicago — June 22, 2004 — Manufacturing solutions specialist BigMachines has released the latest version of its customer-facing software, boosting the solution's performance and functionality and adding features for globalization.

BigMachines says that version 5.9.0 of its Lean Front-End (LFE) solution provides a complete lean front-end solution designed to meet the unique selling requirements of manufacturers of complex products. The software is designed to automate and integrate customer-facing processes from inquiry to order.

The LFE suite includes Web-based applications for configuration, pricing, quoting, proposal generation, order management and aftermarket part sales. The software also provides sales reporting, Web-based administration and integration tools for linking to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

New and improved features in LFE v 5.9 include multilingual and multi-currency support across the suite, covering English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages and currencies, as well as internationalized number formats and international time and date formats based on administrator or user-defined preferences.

XML-based attribute naming and labeling enable the use of discrete configuration and commerce process attribute variables in XML rather than attribute labels or names, and expanded global tables functionality and download capabilities via XML can speed up implementations and facilitate rule and data maintenance.

In addition, upgraded commerce process performance features include modification script and default functionality, pricing optimization and faster commerce process migration performance. Other technical and functional improvements have also been incorporated relative to displays, navigation, image flexibility, configuration arrays and commerce functions, according to the solution provider.

BigMachines says that LFE can help manufacturers reduce quote and order processing times by 50-80 percent while eliminating quote and order errors, resulting in a reduction in selling costs and improvement in customer satisfaction.