LogicTools Updates Inventory Analyst

Adds ability to do multiple analyses from one server, allowing large optimizations to run in parallel

Adds ability to do multiple analyses from one server, allowing large optimizations to run in parallel

Chicago — June 25, 2004 — Supply chain planning specialist LogicTools has released the latest version of its Inventory Analyst solution, designed to help companies make strategic inventory positioning decisions based on the entire supply chain.

Inventory Analyst 3.0 is part of LogicTools' supply chain planning suite, which includes integrated solutions intended to enable companies to optimize the supply chain by considering the entire network, taking into account production, warehousing, transportation and inventory costs, and service level requirements.

LogicTools said that version 3.0 of Inventory Analyst can produce savings for companies by optimally locating and sizing inventory, as well as determining effective push/pull supply chain strategies. For this purpose, LogicTools' Inventory Analyst uses optimization algorithms to produce results for many scenarios.

The inventory solution can be deployed either on a desktop or as a server application. One new feature in the latest release is the ability to run multiple solvers from one server, allowing users to run large optimizations in parallel. This allows companies the flexibility to start with a small deployment and increase the number of users as needed, creating a low-risk implementation path, LogicTools said.

"This release of Inventory Analyst incorporates many new manufacturing and distribution features that enable our clients to model the details of their supply chain." said David Simchi-Levi, CEO of LogicTools and professor of engineering systems at MIT.

The solution provider said that a variety of companies are applying Inventory Analyst in different industries, such as consumer packaged goods, automotive and hi tech. LogicTools' customers include Del Monte, General Motors, IBM, Kraft Foods and Welch's, among others.