Sajus Touts "Goal-Based BPM" Philosophy

Provider rolls out update to business process management suite, offering expanded "monitor it first" capability

Provider rolls out update to business process management suite, offering expanded "monitor it first" capability

Mississauga, Ontario — July 20, 2004 — Business process management (BPM) solutions provider Sajus Technologies has released the latest update to its flagship BPM suite, offering expanded tools for modeling business processes, monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyzing what-if scenarios, among other upgrades.

Sajus said that version 5.1 of its BPM Suite offers a "goal-based" business process management approach that focuses first on identifying the causes of organizational problems through ongoing monitoring and then provides tools to fashion an optimal solution for each cause.

"The order is what is significant because it ensures automation projects are appropriate and prioritized," said Steven Clarke, Sajus Technologies president and CEO. "It also highlights where quick wins can be implemented for maximum [return on investment]."

According to Sajus, goal-based BPM enables an organization to see an entire business process across divisions, systems, geographies and supply chains. "It is top down," the company said in announcing the release of version 5.1. "It starts with an organization's most important business goals and pinpoints obstacles and opportunities in the associated business processes. Using built-in tools, organizations can remove the obstacles and improve the process."

The expanded tools offering in BPM Suite 5.1 include Design Shop, which models business processes, data and metadata; Goal Monitor, which builds an unlimited variety of business key performance indicators, activity monitors, event notification and escalation scenarios; and Reports, which provides an enhanced user-friendly interface and connectivity with external systems.

Additional expanded tools include Automator, which automates business processes with integration of SajusFormulas technology; Simulator, which provides advanced statistical tools to analyze what-if scenarios and their affects on organizational goals; and Forms, which provides new XML-based forms accessible from web, network, wireless devices or other applications.

Sajus said its goal-based approach allows organizations to monitor and measure the success of a business processes according to stakeholder-based goals, regardless of whether the process is manual, automated or both. Then the solution helps to automate workflow and integrate disparate systems.

"Very few software vendors can provide the monitoring and measurement capabilities of Sajus BPM 5.1," asserted Clarke. "All BPM vendors can automate workflow. It's the 'measure first' (regardless of your existing technology) then automate (without replacing your existing technology) philosophy that makes the Sajus solution superior, enabling faster implementation and faster time to ROI."