AASA, Accenture to Launch School Exchange Auction Program

Tap DoveBid to help dispose of surplus assets, raise funds

Tap DoveBid to help dispose of surplus assets, raise funds

Foster City, CA — August 16, 2004 — DoveBid, Inc., a provider of capital asset auction and valuation services, and the consulting firm Accenture said today they have entered into an alliance to offer asset disposition services to the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) and its school superintendent members to help school districts sell surplus equipment.

AASA will help school districts dispose of surplus assets in a School Exchange auction program, which brings buyers and sellers together. The agreement will give AASA school districts the ability to use turnkey asset disposition services to help raise funds from their surplus capital equipment.

The two-day featured online auction will be conducted over the Internet at DoveBid's Web site on September 22, 2004, beginning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time. The auction will feature computers, school buses, trucks, vehicles, books, mobile classrooms, audio/visual (AV) and lab equipment and more.

"DoveBid is pleased to provide AASA with a solution to liquidate surplus assets from school districts across the country," said Ross Dove, chairman and CEO of DoveBid. "The School Exchange is the latest addition to DoveBid's Global Auction Exchange program where multiple sellers consign assets together into auction events to gain broad asset exposure to a global audience of buyers."

AASA Executive Director Paul Houston commented that surplus property has created excessive expenses for school districts, particularly in terms of storage and/or disposal costs. "School administrators are often faced with the dilemma of how to dispose of these surplus items responsibly," he said. "The auction will not only provide them with a responsible means for disposal, but the proceeds can be used to provide much-needed educational services. Feedback from AASA members indicates there is a real need for this service, so AASA is pleased to serve as a conduit to local public school administrators during this pilot project."