Loyola School of Business Receives Donation from Adexa

Supply chain planning solutions provider offers $1.3 million in software, training and support services to Chicago-based graduate school

Supply chain planning solutions provider offers $1.3 million in software, training and support services to Chicago-based graduate school

Chicago — August 26, 2004 — Adexa Inc., a provider of integrated supply chain planning and performance management solutions, today announced the donation of its Enterprise Global Planning System (eGPS) solutions to Loyola University Chicago's School of Business Administration and the Graduate School of Business. The value of the donation is $1.31 million in software, training and support services.

"These are critical times for American companies, particularly those in the manufacturing sector which face increasingly intense competition from foreign interests with significantly lower labor costs," said Cyrus Hadavi, Adexa's president and CEO. "We chose to donate eGPS solutions to Loyola because of its commitment to advanced research in supply chain management and industrial productivity growth in North America, and the fact that its undergraduate and graduate schools of business have the scale to make a sizeable, positive impact in a very short period of time. For many companies and even whole industries, time may be short."

Loyola's faculty performs nationally recognized research in operations management, workforce management, and various aspects of supply chain management and logistics. Their work has been supported by multiple three-year grants from the National Science Foundation, and their interactions have supported innovation in many companies, large and small.

For example, John Nicholas is an author of well-respected books on just-in-time (JIT) and lean operations, project management and a forthcoming book documenting the transformation of an operation to JIT/lean production.

Mark Van Oyen has framed new approaches to labor management and production that yield agile, robust production. He has introduced methods for understanding and quantifying operational flexibility that provide decision support for supply chain management planning.

James Zydiak is recognized for courses on global supply chain management and logistics, operations, and service systems, while Faruk Guder provides exceptional teaching in statistics and operations.

Adexa eGPS solutions enable companies to make operational and supply chain decisions for maximizing profitability and earnings per share (EPS). The provider said companies might use eGPS to increase production of certain product lines or phase-in/phase-out other lines to focus the enterprise on profitable activities. In addition, eGPS is designed to enable enterprises to increase their on-time delivery performance and produce and sell more of what's in high demand in the marketplace. The solution measures the financial impact of operational and supply chain decisions to ensure that all plans are calibrated to achieve corporate objectives such as higher EPS. The software also guides users, both inside and outside of the enterprise, to make the appropriate decisions to attain corporate goals and to project more realistic financial forecasts.

"Adexa solutions are perfectly inline with our mandate, which is to equip our graduates with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to contribute to the success of the enterprises in which they will be employed, and to meet society's legitimate expectations to serve the common good," said Fr. Michael Garanzini, president, Loyola University Chicago. "Adexa Supply Chain Management applications benefit both the companies that deploy them and consumers, by lowering operational costs and ensuring the availability of finished goods to meet consumer demand. We are extremely grateful to Adexa for their donation of industry-leading eGPS software."

Adexa researched Loyola University Chicago's supply chain management program on the recommendation of Loyola Alumnus John Caltagirone, a vice president of The Revere Group, an Adexa services partner based in Deerfield.