PEAK Technologies Attains Certification

Touts Authorized RFID Specialist status, SymbolCertified Professional Services provider title

Touts Authorized RFID Specialist status, SymbolCertified Professional Services provider title

Columbia, MD — September 20, 2004 — PEAK Technologies, an RR Donnelley company, announced today that it has been named as an Authorized radio frequency identification (RFID) Specialist by Zebra Technologies.

Additionally, the company said it has achieved the status of SymbolCertified Professional Services provider for the implementation of the Symbol Spectrum24 wireless local area network (LAN) and Symbol's new Wireless Switch network solution. PEAK, which has been the largest Symbol reseller for the last five years, was the first Symbol partner to be certified in both Spectrum24 Implementation Services and Symbol Wireless Switch Design and Implementation Services.

The Zebra Authorized RFID Specialist status is granted to resellers and systems integrators in North America. PEAK achieved the status by meeting Zebra's certification criteria, including in-depth training, dedicated RFID integration resources and technical proficiency.

PEAK said it is among the first Zebra Authorized RFID Specialists with the ability to provide a complete RFID solution offering, project management and ongoing service to companies with multiple sites throughout North America.

With the Authorized RFID Specialist status, PEAK said it is authorized to sell, install and service Zebra's line of RFID printers/encoders. The newly launched certification program also allows PEAK to receive priority access to Zebra RFID training and forums, including special presentations and Web casts.

In addition to integrating Zebra's RFID printers into existing legacy applications, warehouse management and host systems, PEAK said it is also able to assist clients with integrating RFID technology into more complex enterprise resource planning systems such as SAP and Oracle.

PEAK said that, according to its status with Symbol Technologies, it is also now officially certified to provide site surveys, coverage studies, physical network design, and installation for both switched and unswitched Symbol 802.11b wireless LANs. PEAK earned the SymbolCertified Professional Services Provider status by undergoing a process that included training, testing and demonstrating service skills and knowledge.

PEAK is among the first SymbolCertified Professional Services Providers with the ability to provide a complete solution offering, consistent performance and simplified project management to companies with multiple sites throughout North America. PEAK also uses Symbol Technologies equipment as part of its solution-set that offers mobile access to legacy systems, databases or corporate applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. PEAK combines Symbol equipment with technology from other vendors in the area of enterprise printing to deliver complete solutions for warehouse management, manufacturing, retail, wireless hotspots and enterprise enablement.

Symbol Spectrum24 is a wireless LAN solution for demanding environments such as retail, warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, healthcare and education. Symbol's Wireless Switch System includes switch-based wireless networking, a security suite and ethernet-based power solutions.

RFID technology uses radio waves to remotely collect data from "smart labels" or "tags" affixed to products, pallets, cases and containers. Unlike barcode technologies, no line of sight is required, and a single receiver can read multiple tags simultaneously. RFID readers can automatically identify and track tags with no human intervention. Both Wal-Mart and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) have mandated their top suppliers begin using RFID tags by 2005. Other major retailers are adopting similar policies.