Adexa Collaborates with HP Japan

Companies jointly introduce planning solution for manufacturers

Companies jointly introduce planning solution for manufacturers

Tokyo, Japan — October 1, 2004 — Adexa, a provider of supply chain planning and performance management solutions, has announced a joint project with HP Japan to deliver Adexa's Enterprise Global Planning System (eGPS) solutions on HP Integrity servers featuring the 64-bit Intel Itanium 2 processor.

According to the companies, the collaboration is designed to enable manufacturers to use the Integrity server's processing capabilities and Adexa's software to respond to orders in the supply chain.

"In today's competitive manufacturing environment, increasing speed and efficiency inside factories and throughout supply chains is an ongoing process that impacts profitability," said Shuji Sueshige, president, Adexa Asia Pacific. "Our efforts will enable manufacturers to execute large-scale transactions in a reliable and secure environment."

Adexa commented that, typically, today's manufacturing enterprises rely on an extended network of suppliers, contract manufacturers and distribution centers that add complexity to the planning process for meeting demand. A company may have tens of thousands of orders in the system at any given time, with millions of items on the bills of material and hundreds of suppliers from around the world providing components.

Calculating the most profitable supply chain and factory plans to meet commitment dates is therefore complex, Adexa continued. Multiple gigabytes of data need to be processed, which is only possible in stages with 32-bit technology since it has a 2-gb capacity. Adexa said the applications running on HP Integrity servers with 64-bit processing power are able to deliver more plans in less time and model multiple planning scenarios on the same server.

"HP strives to enable customers to do more with less, in times of constant change," said Mikinori Furuya, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Segment Marketing, HP Japan. "The Adexa eGPS solution running on HP Integrity servers is ideal for customers seeking to boost their agility, reduce both cost and risk, and improve their real-time planning and management capabilities."

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