GXS Incorporates Web Forms into B2B Trading Platform

Taps PureEdge E-Forms to let buyers, suppliers take advantage of Web-enabled transactions

Taps PureEdge E-Forms to let buyers, suppliers take advantage of Web-enabled transactions

Victoria, BC — October 28, 2004 — B2B connectivity specialist Global eXchange Services (GXS) has signed a multi-year agreement with PureEdge Solutions, a provider of automation for forms-based business processes, to embed PureEdge e-forms into its trading platform to let buyers and suppliers take advantage of Web-enabled transactions.

The GXS Trading Grid is a real-time platform developed to enable and streamline cross-enterprise business processes. GXS said that the Grid is one of the world's largest electronic business communities, serving over 30,000 businesses worldwide, including over half of the Fortune 500.

GXS will incorporate the PureEdge WebForm Server to deliver XML-based e-forms to customers via the Trading Grid platform. PureEdge said its XML-based e-forms provide a platform that enables greater interoperability for customers and partner organizations, providing opportunities to realize the increased efficiencies and lower operating costs associated with entering, accessing and sharing information across organizations.

The new Trading Grid allows customers and suppliers to continue using their preferred method of order submission. Industry specific forms-based business processes covered by GXS include product information management, demand planning, shipment labeling and electronic invoicing.

By incorporating PureEdge e-forms into its' offering, GXS is aiming to reduce the time it takes to introduce new Web forms on its Trading Grid. GXS will be able to create customized forms specific to the needs of their large retailer, automotive and high tech manufacturing communities active in the Trading Grid, according to PureEdge.

"PureEdge XML-based e-forms are flexible and extremely easy to use," said Nick Marchetti, vice president of GXS Trading Grid and Integration Solutions. "As a result, GXS will be able to quickly implement a standardized solution to help us provide business solutions for organizations of all sizes [that] need to develop and manage feature-rich, robust supply chain applications."

"XML-based e-forms provide many advantages to our customers and partners as they provide the platform on which organizations can automate processes, improve efficiencies and solve business challenges," said Mark Upson, president and CEO of PureEdge Solutions.