Schneider Brokerage Launches FreightPlace

Matches carriers with shipments to increase capacity utilization

Matches carriers with shipments to increase capacity utilization

Green Bay, WI  August 26, 2003  Schneider Brokerage, a division of Schneider National Inc., said this week it has launched FreightPlace, a tool designed to aid carriers in finding shipments to match their capacity.

The provider said FreightPlace is part of a larger suite of Web-based applications designed to aid brokerage carriers in securing quality loads and doing business with Schneider.

Schneider Brokerage said FreightPlace enables carriers to anonymously search for and find loads to fill their excess capacity. Carriers can view potential loads for their capacity in real-time and connect with one of Schneider's freight brokerage associates via online chat or telephone to obtain more information about loads and negotiate pricing.

FreightPlace also allows carriers who register on the site to take advantage of a capacity-posting feature that automatically searches for and identifies loads that match their asset availability, according to Schneider Brokerage. If a match is not immediately found when capacity is posted, FreightPlace continues to monitor all new loads entered into the Schneider brokerage network, alerting a Schneider associate when a potential capacity match is found for the load.

Carriers also can monitor their posted capacities and view matching loads.

"FreightPlace is designed to make it easy to communicate asset requirements and availability and search for shipments in real-time so we can connect with quality loads quickly, keep our asset moving and maximize our revenue potential," said Gary Short, CEO of Express Leasing Inc. "FreightPlace also will eliminate the manual labor and expense associated with finding backhaul opportunities via traditional methods of cold calling and sales."