Catalyst Rolls out Supplier Link Software

New application aims to enable electronic data integration between non-EDI suppliers and customers

New application aims to enable electronic data integration between non-EDI suppliers and customers

Milwaukee  September 12, 2003  Supply chain execution (SCE) specialist Catalyst International this week rolled out a new solution designed to improve supplier compliance and inbound productivity by providing advanced shipping notice (ASN) and labeling capabilities via the Internet.

Catalyst said its CatalystConnect Supplier Link (CatalystConnect SL) facilitates electronic integration between suppliers and customers by enabling an organization to support electronic integration with suppliers that are not able to  or choose not to  use electronic data interchange (EDI) documents to transmit advanced shipping information to the purchaser.

The solution also provides the option to print customer specific carton shipping labels with UCC128 barcodes and the necessary packing slips via the Internet. The use of UCC128 compliant carton labels and packing lists can increase the efficiency of the receiving process and enables pre-distributed cross-dock operation, Catalyst said. Supplier Link also provides visibility into inbound activities, enabling an organization to immediately respond to exceptions.

"For many small suppliers, the investment in manpower, hardware and software to set up their own EDI system is cost prohibitive," said Nigel Davies, vice president for development at Catalyst. "Unfortunately, suppliers electing to ship without an ASN are exposed to potential penalties and risk of customer loss. The electronic exchange of information that CatalystConnect Supplier Link provides opens the door for relationships with smaller suppliers that were otherwise restricted."

Catalyst said that CatalystConnect SL supports Open Application Group (OAG) XML interface standards. The system can be integrated with various warehouse management systems or enterprise applications to ensure supplier information is automatically shared and synchronized.