RedPrairie Touts Momentum in Labor Management Solutions Market

Supply chain execution specialist closes 50 new labor wins in less than two years

Supply chain execution specialist closes 50 new labor wins in less than two years

Waukesha, WI — November 29, 2004 — Supply chain execution specialist RedPrairie this week touted its momentum in the labor management solutions market, highlighting the 50th customer win for its DLx Labor offering.

RedPrairie said it helps companies optimize the labor supply chain by tracking employees from clock punch through payroll. Its productivity management solution helps companies better plan and schedule their workforce to meet dynamic fulfillment requirements, including integrated simulation capabilities that model the impact to productivity of changes in process and slotting, according to the solution provider.

The solution also enables companies to integrate time and attendance capabilities within their total labor management system, RedPrairie said. The solution provides detailed tracking and incentive pay capabilities that enable fair and accurate incentive programs, and these capabilities, in combination with core performance measurement functionality, make possible a broader degree of efficiency in labor management and compensation, the solution provider asserted.

Marking its 50th customer win for the solution in just under two years, RedPrairie said that DLx Labor is being used at more than 400 customer sites around the world, and RedPrairie has signed a record number of new customers in 2003-2004. "RedPrairie's 50 new wins is a significant milestone and shows that productivity has become a mainstream supply chain solution," said Peter Schnorbach, product marketing leader for productivity at RedPrairie.

Steve Banker, service director for supply chain management at ARC Advisory Group, said that labor management systems have a good return on investment. "The typical payback period is less than a year," he said, adding that the granular costing data provided by the RedPrairie solution offer information that is strategic in value to companies.

RedPrairie serves customers in a variety of markets, most recently the furniture industry in 2004.

"The real value of RedPrairie's advanced productivity management solution is not merely monitoring what employees are doing, but in reengineering their processes to be most efficient," concluded John Jazwiec, company leader at RedPrairie.