LogicTools Releases New Versions of Software

Allow constraints when modeling supply chains, according to provider

Allow constraints when modeling supply chains, according to provider

Chicago  October 23, 2003  Software provider LogicTools today announced the release of the latest versions of its supply chain network design products, LogicTools' LogicNet and LogicNet Plus.

LogicTools said the products allow companies to incorporate constraints when modeling their supply chains, and some of the new features include reporting with Crystal reports, enhanced PC*Miler interface, new geo-code databases, improved time-in-transit constraints and faster solver.

The provider said LogicNet is a network design decision support system for companies that do not have complex supply chains and want an easy-to-use solution for their problem. LogicNet Plus is a network design software.

In addition to network design, LogicTools said it offers Inventory Analyst, a Web-based product to optimize inventory across the supply chain, taking into account the structure of the supply chain. Also, LogicChain, is a master planning solution that enables coordination of sourcing and production with distribution.

LogicTools said it would soon be releasing the suite Integration Toolbox to provide drag and drop integration inside the LogicTools suite, as well as with other software packages.