Corticon Releases Upgraded Decision Management Platform

New release runs 10 times faster, features business rule engine

New release runs 10 times faster, features business rule engine

San Mateo, CA — November 14, 2003 — Corticon Technologies, a provider of business rule engine software, introduced version 2.8 of the Corticon Decision Management Platform. According to the provider, the new software runs up to 10 times faster than its predecessor. It will be generally available in late November.

Over the past few months, Corticon said it has signed new customers, including several state agencies, STW Fixed Income Management and WellFound. The customers cite the software's ease of use, flexibility and ability to automatically check rules for logical correctness as the reasons why they chose the Decision Management Platform.

Corticon said that after their initial project success, customers commonly use the solution to manage business rules across multiple enterprise applications.

"We expect to reduce our cycle time for deciding when to withhold union dues for some of the over 400,000 providers in the state system by between 30 to 50 percent," said Bonnie Moonchild, SSPS project manager, Department of Health and Social Services for the State of Washington. "We expect additional withholding requirements this year. Corticon's business rules solution will enable us to check the rules we develop before we implement them, to make sure they are complete and non-conflicting, saving us both time and money."

Corticon also said that companies in the business process management (BPM) marketplace, such as HandySoft, Intalio, and Staffware, have been partnering with the enterprise software provider as a means to differentiate themselves. They said they are simplifying the design of complex decision-making process steps that might otherwise require elaborate coding that is difficult to develop and maintain.

"Corticon's ability to highlight logical inconsistencies and gaps in the rules at design time is essential in a BPM environment, since the accuracy of process execution depends on determining the correct decision," said Paul Young, chief products officer of Staffware. "A key aspect of the Independent Process Layer our BPM solution provides is the ability to put control of the process in the hands of the business. That's why Corticon's spreadsheet style interface was also important as it allows business users, not programmers, to define and maintain the rules."