Link Labs Advances Asset Tracking with Rechargeable Batteries

In an effort to drive visibility in the supply chain forward, Link Labs introduces rechargeable capabilities to its asset tracking after noticing a need in the industry.

Littlewolf1989 Warehouse Worker

Link Labs releases its AirFinder SuperTag, a rechargeable tag for asset tracking to solve the issue of needing to continually replace batteries. The tag is meant to provide end-to-end visibility in both indoor and outdoor environments and taps technology like PS/GNSS, WiFi location, Cell ID and AirFinder Indoor Positioning Network from Link Labs. The rechargeable capability helps drive sustainability in the asset tracking market, as 78 million batteries from IoT devices will be discarded worldwide everyday in the next four years if nothing is done to expand their lifespan according to EU-funded research project EnABLES. 

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  • Rechargeable SuperTag can be recharged hundreds of times and can be configured as a hub to scan and uplink data for up to 1,000 Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) tags.
  • It seamlessly transitions from one technology to another, as needed and depending upon conditions, and allows for flexible configurations based on the unique requirements of each specific application.