enVista Launches Array of Physical and Digital Commerce Capabilities

These solutions are designed to help companies fast-track capabilities and results.

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enVista has launched Accelerate Solutions, a cross-section of enVista’s end-to-end supply chain and commerce solutions that strategically deliver critical business results and capabilities within an accelerated timeframe.

enVista CEO Jim Barnes says, “Speed is mission-critical to meet evolving demands in today’s market. enVista is helping companies leverage our proven solutions and deep domain expertise in an accelerated timeframe to deliver quick-hit results that make a significant impact on efficiencies, business intelligence, customer service, profitability and competitive advantage.”

Barnes adds, “enVista scales projects and scope to meet clients’ needs; sometimes our clients need full transformational projects, but sometimes it’s imperative they expedite targeted capabilities and business outcomes. We are uniquely structured to quickly and successfully deploy highly experienced, agile consulting teams and SaaS-based solutions in order to deliver critical capabilities for clients in a matter of weeks. It is not the big that eat the small; it is the fast that eat the slow. enVista clients are attaining competitive advantage through accelerated results.”

enVista’s Accelerate solutions include:

Accelerate OmniChannel Fulfillment

  • Accelerate BOPIS (2 to 3 weeks) – Rapidly enable buy online/pick up in store
  • Accelerate BORIS (4 to 6 weeks) - Rapidly enable buy online/return in store
  • Accelerate BORAC (3 to 5 weeks) – Rapidly enable curbside pickup/click-and-collect
  • Accelerate Ship from Store (3 to 4 weeks) - Rapidly enable ship-to-store fulfillment
  • Accelerate Pop-Up Stores (2 to 4 weeks) – Rapidly stand-up pop-up stores
  • Accelerate Dropship (6 to 10 weeks) - Rapidly enable drop-ship from vendor or 3PL
  • Accelerate Micro Fulfillment (12 to 16 weeks)  Rapidly design and deploy micro fulfillment centers

Accelerate Unified Commerce

  • Accelerate eCommerce (8 to 12 weeks) – Leverage enVista’s digital commerce, order management and transportation solutions to rapidly enable optimized digital commerce, parcel shipping and transportation spend management.
  • Accelerate Order Management (OMS) (8 to 20 weeks) – Rapidly integrate a best-in-class OMS to optimize order orchestration and omnichannel fulfillment.
  • Accelerate Point of Sale (POS) (8 to 20 weeks) – Deploy next generation POS across store network.
  • Accelerate Omnichannel fulfillment (2 to 8 weeks) – Rapidly enable a full range of omnichannel fulfillment options to adapt and deliver against consumer expectations.
  • Accelerate Dropship (6 to 10 weeks) – Quickly leverage vendor dropship to increase item assortment, while decreasing inventory costs. Decrease vendor onboarding timeframes and cost.
  • Accelerate Product Information Management (PIM) (8 to 20 weeks) – Easily manage and publish a single version of item attributes across all locations and channels.
  • Accelerate EDI & Vendor Onboarding (1 week to 6 weeks) Leverage our integration platform to dramatically reduce vendor onboarding timeframes and EDI costs.
  • Accelerate integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) (1 week to 4 weeks) – Leverage integration framework to rapidly integrate B2B and cloud-to-cloud platforms.
  • Accelerate a Single View (8 to 20 weeks) – Rapidly obtain an enterprise view of inventory, order, item, customer, payments and shipments - a critical requirement for a unified customer experience.
  • Accelerate Shipment Expectation Management (1 week to 6 weeks) – Enable consumers to track their packages from order capture thru delivery.

Accelerate Store Operations 

·        Accelerate Store IT (2 to 6 weeks) – Rapidly implement store technology and infrastructure.

·         Accelerate Store Operations (1 to 4 weeks) – Quickly train store associates on existing or new operational changes and enact optimal processes, including omnichannel fulfillment capabilities like ship from store, BOPIS, curbside delivery and more.

·         Accelerate Holiday Readiness (2 to 4 weeks) – Determine how to improve operational readiness in stores, train staff and leverage processes to improve service and efficiencies ahead of the holidays by leveraging enVista’s store operations, omnichannel and workforce management expertise.

Accelerate DC & Supply Chain Optimization

·         Accelerate Robotics (12 to 16 weeks) - Rapidly deploy collaborative robots in distribution centers. 

·         Accelerate Inventory Optimization (8 to 12 weeks) – Rapidly analyze product flow and inventory demand to determine optimal inventory levels and positioning across your supply chain network. 

·         Accelerate Supply Chain Execution Systems & Data Collection (16 to 24 weeks) – Leverage nearly 20 years of systems implementation experience and deep technical/functional expertise to rapidly select and deploy the optimal systems and hardware solutions.

·         Accelerate Slotting (2-8 weeks) – Deploy slotting as a service to improve operational efficiencies.

·         Accelerate eCommerce Fulfillment (4 to 16 weeks) – Optimize processes and existing distribution centers to improve capacity and fulfillment capabilities.

·         Accelerate LEAN Process Improvements (2 to 4 weeks) – Determine operational changes that can be quickly implemented to drive labor efficiencies and savings. 

·         Accelerate Workforce Management (2 to 8 weeks) – Leverage our data standards, labor management system, training and incentive programs to quickly improve labor performance.

·         Accelerate Holiday Readiness (4 to 8 weeks) – Quickly determine how to improve operational readiness in distribution centers, train staff and leverage processes to improve service and efficiencies.

Accelerate Transportation 

·         Accelerate ROI (4 to 8 weeks) – Optimize transportation networks, modes and carrier selection to fund new enterprise projects.

·         Accelerate Visibility (2 to 6 weeks) – Rapidly enable global transportation visibility to turn data into insights.

·         Accelerate Direct to Consumer Shipping (3 to 6 weeks) – Quickly implement and integrate with parcel shipping system.

·         Accelerate Sourcing (6 to 8 weeks) – Evaluate carrier rates to optimize transportation costs.

·         Accelerate TMS (10 to 16 weeks) – Rapidly deploy SaaS-based TMS to optimize transportation operations and reduce cost.


Accelerate Information Technology (IT)

·         Accelerate Managed Services (2 to 6 Weeks) – Quickly leverage experts to help manage your IT operations.  

·         Accelerate Cloud (4 to 12 Weeks) – Rapidly move applications to a cloud environment. 

·         Accelerate Hosting (3 to 6 weeks) – Quickly move applications to a hosted environment for backup and security.

·         Accelerate Data Security (1 week to 4 weeks) – Leverage data security experts to monitor and protect your data against cybersecurity threats.

Accelerate Adoption & Intelligence 

  • Accelerate Change Management (8 to 24 weeks) – Leverage change management experts to enable program adoption throughout your organization. 
  • Accelerate BI (4 to 16 weeks) – Determine areas for increased business intelligence and control and quickly leverage enabling technologies for improved insights and decision-making. 
  • Accelerate Emerging Technologies (4 to 12 weeks) – Leverage experts to rapidly deploy emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR) and machine learning (ML) to solve complex challenges.